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Student Testimonials

Some of the students helped by The Nchima Trust would like to share with you about their lives. We will add more as they are received. Click on their names to read more:

Dear Madam;
I am NOAH ; I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the entire board of directors of Nchima trust for making it possible to help me with book allowance , pocket money and flash disk.I was really in problems but now I am learning without problems.I received the amount you said and the disk from Janet.I would also like to thank you as the secretary for all the emails you have bee sending me. May you continue helping people in need as you are doing.May God bless you all. THANKS.

From Frank Mkumba, who is one of our Social Sciences students and also Chairman of the Nchima Trust Students Association


I grew up not knowing clearly what my future entails. I just had memorized the wish to become a pilot. This is still the case to date. I can usher the blame on Malawi’s education system. Lack of carrier knowledge has left many not completing their school and others don’t attend at all. On the other hand the spread of HIV-AIDS has been increasing due to lack of behavior change messages among other things. I am very optimistic that if funds can be identified to fund Nchima trust so that it implement these programmes, the problems highlighted above can be reduced.

Nchima trust is small organization but big in its magnitude. It implements projects which are crucial to human social development. I personally participated in Nchima’s Adult literacy programme early this year.
With the current situation in Malawi, where children go to school without having a goal to achieve, where illiteracy is high, where HIV-AIDs pandemic has affected and infected almost every family, where Doctors and teachers are inadequate. There is a need of supporting programmes tailored towards addressing these problems. I am one of the beneficiaries of Nchima trust Education programme, and am asking whosoever happens to read this article to donate to NCHIMA TRUST so that it can implement carrier guidance and behaviour change talks.

Be blessed as you are thinking of helping this charitable organization.
Frank Mkumba

Hi Janet (Nchima Volunteer),
I am Mark Mwale one of your students from college of medicine (premed). I wanted to appreciate you for everything you have done in supporting my education here. And I want to assure you that am going to make it to a doctor. I personally wish you all the best as you are going back to Europe. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Dear Sir/Madam


I would like to inform you that I have passed exams for end of second year. I am now on holiday and we are opening on 12th January 2009 when we will be starting our third year.

Details of results will be fowarded to you as soon as I receive the copy from the college. But I got 73.5% on Histopathology which we wrote during our first semester exams.

The results for end of second semester were as follows: Microbilogy 70% (credit), Haematology/Blood Transfusion 69% (credit), Biochemistry 50% (pass), Histopathology/Basic Lab Skills 71% (credit)

The final results will comprise the Summary of every exam we wrote

I continue appreciating your continued support and wish our organisation a great success. Pass greetings to every member God bless you.

In case of any reply please use the above yahoo email while I am at holiday.

Yours faithfully

Yusuf Kanamazina